Integrated Production Suite

Integrated Production Suite

Create a collaborative work environment for ad planning, production and review and classified ad control for the entire publishing enterprise.

Using a SQL database, the Integrated Production Suite manages and tracks all aspects of multi-user ad and page production, enabling status-driven automation, gathering of detailed business intelligence and distributed issue production — across departments or across the country.

A high-performance package

The high-performance IPS Engine combines standards-based technology with innovative design to create an architecture that can scale from one paper at a single site to more than 100 publications at multiple sites. Its reliability and scalability have been battle-tested at demanding international publishers, where IPS produces thousands of pages every week for dozens of papers in multiple languages. IPS also includes MEI's Page Director Ad Layout System (ALS) and AdTrac, and QuickLink to work with Adobe InDesign for editorial and ad construction.

Grow with IPS

The Integrated Production Suite was designed to inform high-level business decisions that bring positive results — improved efficiency, unparalleled security and control, cost savings and increased revenue — all from one all-star suite of products.

Because it's a modular suite of best-of-breed components, you can select the end-user tools that best serve your needs today, while establishing a framework that provides growth and migration paths for the future.


Key Features of IPS


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